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August 20, 2012 Posted by admin in News

Lemons Survives an Oil Slick to Win at Motor Mile Speedway

Troy, NC(August 20, 2012) — With two years in between his next to last win and his last, Tommy Lemons, Jr. wasn’t about to let it go that long between his next win and on Saturday night put his Lemons Motorsports team back in victory lane.

Lemons last win came on June 23rd under bizarre circumstances, when after winning the pole for the race, he was forced down pit road before the start due to a throttle linkage issue. From there he started shotgun on the 21-car field and survived a carnage filled race and a side by side battle to the finish with sparks flying.

This time however, the finish was nowhere near to the level of excitement as Lemons’ last win, but the veteran Late Model Stock Car driver had to fend off challengers on a green, white, checkered finish. Lemons, however did have to survive a scare around lap 20 when another competitor’s engine expired in front of the leaders and sent Lemons and the rest of the top five cars sliding through turn one. Lemons somehow kept his car from spinning completely out and somehow kept it off the wall, while the leader wasn’t so fortunate.

Lemons would restart a little deeper in the field than his fourth place running position previous to the incident, but it wouldn’t take him long to regain his positions and put his racer in second giving chase to the leader. Lemons would then battle side by side for the top spot and on lap 69 went to the lead for good enroute to his second win of the season. He would survive a green, white, checkered finish for a caution on lap 148, but no one would challenge him for the win.

“That was crazy,” said Lemons after the race. “I thought we were all wrecked there early in the race when we got into that oil. The cars all just took off and went out of control, I was just holding on and luckily I didn’t get crashed into from behind or hit the wall. From there I knew we had a good car and once we got up there in the lead, we really didn’t have much of a challenge. I thought we might on that last caution, but everything worked out.”

Lemons is supported by Lemons Backhoe, Hedgecock Racing Enterprises, Kowlasky Racing Engines, and Sellers Racing. For more information on Tommy Lemons, Jr. or the Lemons Motorsports team, check out their new website at

June 27, 2012 Posted by admin in News

Lemons Qualifies First, Starts Last and Muscles Way to Win at Motor Mile

Troy, NC(June 27, 2012) — Tommy Lemons, Jr. hasn’t had much good fortune over the past three seasons, but on Saturday night his bad luck turned into good and put the veteran Late Model Stock Car driver back in victory lane.

June 13, 2009, the date of Lemons last victory at Motor Mile Speedway. March 20, 2010, the date of Lemons last trip to victory lane at all, coming in the season opening race at South Boston Speedway. Lemons has been searching for the right setup and a little bit of luck to get himself back into victory lane and on June 23, 2012, he found it in the most unlikely of ways.

Lemons recorded his third straight Pole Award(two at Motor Mile and one at South Boston) on Saturday evening in qualifying around the 4/10 mile track. However, as the pace laps rolled off, Lemons car rolled back down pit road. His team had to reattach the throttle as it had fallen off the car after he entered the track, the pit stop, even before the green flag came negated his pole run and forced the veteran to start shotgun on the field.

Lemons would roll off 21st on the field unofficially and had a long ways to go back to the front of the field, where he was supposed to start. With the pit stop, Lemons thought that his chance at victory had slipped away, but on lap two he got his first break. As the leaders raced off of turn four, they got together, causing a huge pile up and collecting nearly half of the field in the incident. For once, Lemons’ bad luck turned good as the young driver avoided the carnage, that started from the position he was supposed to have started in.

“I thought we were done,” said Lemons of coming down pit road before the drop of the green flag. “Then after I saw the wreck in turn four there, I thought maybe we got a lucky break.”

Lemons was right as the crash put him back inside the top ten and after the red flag for the huge incident was lifted, Lemons went back to making his way through the field and soon after a lap 14 accident involving some other top contenders, Lemons was back inside the top five. As the laps clicked off, the veteran made his way up to second behind the guy who has won the last three out of four races and though he was able to get to his bumper he was unable to get around him.

Lemons knew that he had a faster car, but as the laps clicked off, he thought he’d have to settle for second.

“I stalked Lee (Pulliam) there forever it seemed,” continued Lemons. “I was right on him and about to make a move several times, but I never could get along side him. He did everything right and didn’t make a mistake and as the laps were running out I thought he had it won.”

Lemons, whose career has been riddled with bad luck found himself in good fortune once again as the veteran driver saw the caution lights come on and the yellow flag waving. With seven laps to go, Lemons would restart to the outside of the leader on a double-file restart. Lemons wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass him by.

When the green flag waved and got the race back underway, Lemons stayed glued to the outside of the leader and the leader couldn’t shake him. Lemons gave his car all it could stand and as the white flag flew, there were no fans left in the seats, all they could do was stand in awe of one of the best finishes Motor Mile Speedway has ever seen. In the final set of turns Lemons rallied on the outside of the leader and as they banged fenders off the corner, Lemons came out just a fender ahead for the win.

For Lemons it was maybe the biggest win of his career as he had to fight for it harder than he ever had before and had waited so long to taste victory again.

“Wow, that was a finish,” said Lemons. “That was just good hard racing right there, we both drove our butts off. I had got beat like that in a finish here three years ago and I wasn’t trying to lose this one.”

For Lemons it was a huge weight off his shoulders to be back in victory lane.

“The last two seasons have been terrible for us. There’s no way to sugarcoat that, but this season we came out of the box better and we’ve progressively got better all season. I was enjoying winning the poles these last few weeks, but I wanted this win way more.”

Lemons and his team won’t get to rest and enjoy this victory as they’ll be right back on track at Motor Mile Speedway this weekend for twin 100-lap races. He’ll also compete in a handful of races over the next week including a trip to Myrtle Beach Speedway on July 3rd, a trip to Caraway Speedway on July 4th and back to Southern National Motorsports Park on July 7th.

Lemons is supported by Lemons Backhoe, Hedgecock Racing Enterprises, Kowlasky Racing Engines, and Sellers Racing. For more information on Tommy Lemons, Jr. or the Lemons Motorsports team, check out their new website at

June 20, 2012 Posted by admin in News

Lemons Gets Second Straight Pole, Finishes 2nd and 3rd in Twins at Motor Mile

Troy, NC(June 20, 2012) — Tommy Lemons, Jr. has been stepping up his program week after week with the help of Sellers Racing and after sitting on the pole a week ago at South Boston Speedway, he backed that performance up with another pole at Motor Mile Speedway.

He also had finished second and third in twin races at South Boston the week before and duplicated that performance at Motor Mile Speedway in another set of twin races. ¬†Lemons’ pole runs have re-energized he and his team as they compete in a full slate of NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, Late Model Stock Car races for the rest of this season. ¬†Lemons is currently 15th in the NASCAR Whelen All-American National Points Standings after 17 starts this season and with the way he’s running, he’s sure to climb those standings weekly.

Lemons however is one of only two drivers in the Top 20 of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series National Points Standings that hasn’t won a race, but over the next month and a half he’ll compete in nine more races, giving him a chance to get on a winning roll. ¬†He’ll return to competition this weekend at Motor Mile Speedway and again the following weekend on the same venue and with twin races again on June 30th, he’ll have three shots at victory in the next two weeks.

June 14, 2012 Posted by admin in News

Busy Summer Stretch Up Next for Tommy Lemons, Jr.

Troy, NC(June 14, 2012) — For Tommy Lemons, Jr. the season so far has been up and down with the veteran Late Model Stock Car driver racking up several top five finishes, but also some tough moments including some hard crashes.

With the first 1/4 of the season in the books for the young man, a busy Summer stretch is coming up with nine races over the next 50 days at four different tracks over the span of three states.  The stretch will begin with three stops at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA during the month of June and then a month of July that will see the veteran driver take to Myrtle Beach Speedway in Myrtle Beach, SC, South Boston Speedway in South Boston, VA, Southern National Motorsports Park in Lucama, NC and more stops at Motor Mile Speedway.

So far this season he’s accumulated eight(8) top five finishes and ten(10) top ten finishes in 15 starts. ¬†Not bad stats for the veteran driver, but having visited victory lane in the past, top fives aren’t good enough. ¬†The veteran driver is hoping that the next three straight weeks will be the right time for him to break through at Motor Mile Speedway.

“This has been my home track for quite sometime,” said Lemons, even though Motor Mile Speedway is 175 miles from his Troy, NC home. ¬†“This place has been good to us more than it’s been bad and I think we’re not that far from getting up there and competing for a win. ¬†Motor Mile fits my driving style and now that we’re back there competing in most of the rest of the races this season, I think we’ll get in winning form.”

Lemons will be back in action this Saturday, June 16th in Twin 100-lap Late Model Stock Car races on the 4/10 mile track.  For more information on Lemons and his racing check out his new website at

June 14, 2012 Posted by admin in News

Lemons Completes his Up and Down 2011 Season with 23rd Place Finish at "The Beach"

Troy, NC(November 22, 2011) — Tommy Lemons, Jr. completed a tough, up and down schedule that made up his 2011 season at Myrtle Beach Speedway and completed the race with a 23rd place finish.

Lemons, who’s a winner in the NASCAR Late Model Stock Car ranks over the last few seasons, went winless in 2011 despite having some strong runs in both his family owned car as well as in several starts for Jay Hedgecock’s Driver Development Program. Lemons raced several different types of chassis’, several different engine programs in 2011 as he was trying to rejuvenate his program, but still wasn’t able to grab a win.

“2011 wasn’t exactly my best season,” said Lemons. “I think we got off to a bad start and started chasing it and went in the wrong direction a few times before we started to get it all figured out.”

For Lemons, Myrtle Beach was a step backwards as he initially missed the race, but was granted a provisional and after starting 40th, he finished 23rd, but he isn’t ready to give up.

“2011 might have been tough, but I think with the things we learned this season through the hard times, we will be a better team in 2012.”

May 5, 2011 Posted by admin in News

Lemons Motorsports Makes Changes, Gets Back to Racing in the Top Five

Troy, NC(May 5, 2011) —¬†Tommy¬†Lemons, Jr. started out the season strong at Caraway Speedway, racing among the top five week in and week out, but once the season started at Motor Mile Speedway, things weren’t looking so good.

Having seen on track success at Motor Mile Speedway over the last few seasons,¬†Lemons¬†knew that nearly going a lap down to the leader in the season opening race wasn’t going to cut it.¬† He and his team made a decision after that to make a chassis change and looked to Townsend-Oliver Performance Products.¬† The move was the first chassis change for¬†Lemons¬†since 2005, which made him a little uneasy heading into the first weekend of racing with the new car.

The change looked promising as despite not turning very many practice laps, he still qualified a strong fifth at Motor Mile on April 23rd, a track known for having the toughest competition anywhere.¬†¬†Lemons¬†didn’t settle in at the start of the race, but rather raced his way toward the front and before long was challenging for the lead.¬† Though he never was able to grab the lead and eventually slipped back to third for the finish, he was happy with the car with little time to dial it in.

“This a great way to debut this new Townsend-Oliver chassis,” said¬†Lemons.¬† “We didn’t get to practice much with it, but it’s a strong piece right out of the gate for us.¬† We’ll work on it and get it better and I think we’ll have something we can contend for a win with.”

The change had certainly paid off for the young driver as he went from nearly getting lapped in the first race to working on the same driver for the lead in the second race of the season.  He followed up the April 23rd race with twin races on April 30th, which produced two more top five finishes with a fourth and third place finish in the two races.

Lemons¬†and his¬†Lemons¬†Motorsports team are working hard on their new car trying to massage it and get it to victory lane at Motor Mile Speedway, but they won’t have any downtime as they enter their third straight weekend of racing on Saturday.

“We haven’t had a lot of time with the car still,” remarked¬†Lemons.¬† “Motor Mile doesn’t usually race three straight weeks back to back, but I think this gives us a great chance to figure this car out and another chance to get back to victory lane.¬† I think we’re almost there.”

Lemons competes in a Townsend-Oliver chassis powered by Kowalsky Racing Engines and the up-and-coming driver is supported by family owned company, Lemons Backhoe.

March 11, 2011 Posted by admin in News

Lemons Readies for Busy Travel Schedule

Troy, NC(March 11, 2011) — Over the last couple of seasons,¬†Tommy¬†Lemons, Jr. has ventured far from his home base in Troy, NC to compete full-time at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA, but this season he’ll be doing less traveling in miles and more to different venues.

Lemons has decided not to compete for the championship at any track this season, even after finishing up third in championship points at Motor Mile Speedway.  Lemons instead will divide his races up at multiple venues with the majority of his races at three tracks, Caraway, Motor Mile and South Boston Speedway.

Lemons¬†is set to open his season this weekend in the season opening event at Caraway Speedway in Asheboro, NC in the first Super Five Series event.¬† The Super Five Series is a new concept of five races that will pay an increased purse and will have the Late Model Stock Cars racing extended laps.¬†¬†Lemons, who grew up watching his dad race at Caraway and the track that’s closest to his home and he’s looking forward to returning home for a handful of races this season.

“Caraway is like our home track,” said¬†Lemons.¬† “It’s the closest track to my hometown and we’re looking forward to racing over there more than a few times this season.”

Lemons¬†will be racing in all five of the Super Five Series races at Caraway Speedway including this weekends opening event.¬†¬†Lemons, who has won as many as six races in a season at Caraway, it’s a great track for him to compete at.

“Caraway has been good to us over the years.¬† Though, we haven’t raced here much the last few seasons and when we did, we didn’t have much luck, we still know how to run up front there and I think we can be strong right out of the gate.”

Along with giving his season the green flag this weekend, Lemons has also recently launched a brand new website at, which will have up to date info, photos and more from his racing this season.

If you can’t make it to Caraway this weekend to watch¬†Tommy¬†and the rest of the Late Model Stock Car stars compete in the season opening race, be sure to check out¬†¬†for LIVE Coverage of Sunday’s racing action.¬† features LIVE Coverage of the races with updates, photos, videos and so much more to keep you up to speed.

Lemons competes in a Marlowe Racing Chassis powered by Kowalsky Racing Engines and the up-and-coming driver is supported by family owned company, Lemons Backhoe.

May 20, 2010 Posted by admin in News

Lemons Finishes Second and Inches Closer to Win at Motor Mile

Troy, NC(May 20, 2010) —¬†Tommy¬†Lemons, Jr. has already picked up his first win of the 2010 season, two months ago at South Boston Speedway, but the young racer is hoping that he will soon be going to victory lane at his home track of Motor Mile Speedway.

Lemons¬†has been on the right track to picking up that first win of the season at Motor Mile in the last three races as on May 1st in twin features he proved he could lead laps.¬†¬†Lemons¬†won his first three races at Motor Mile Speedway last May and he looked to have that “May Magic” going again as he found himself in the lead of the second twin race after the two leaders had trouble.¬† Once in the lead, it was no easy task for the young driver to stay there as he had Justin Johnson nipping on his heels the whole way as the two raced nose to tail and side by side for much of the race.

Late in the race, a caution waved just as Johnson had passed Lemons by a fender at the start-finish line and that would set up two tries at a green, white, checkered finish and that would prove to be a problem for Lemonsas his tire was going down.  Lemons would drop to a finish outside of the top ten, but he served noticed that May would be the month that he would put himself back in contention for victories on the highly competitive 4/10 mile track.

Lemons was ready to prove that once again as twin features were on tap once again on May 15th and Lemons had come prepared to grab his first win of the season at Motor Mile.  Lemons, as always was among the fastest cars on Friday in testing and again in practice during the day, Saturday and he was able to back that up with a solid qualifying effort in third.  From the drop of the green flag, Lemons could tell that he had a car that could compete for the win if things fell his way and after disposing of the second place car and taking the position himself, he set his sights on the leader.

Long green flag runs in the 100-lap race would keep Lemons at bay from the leader however, but this time there would be no cut tire and no mechanical problems as Lemons drove to his car home to a second place finish.  Lemons was hoping to get another shot at a win in the later twin race, but Mother Nature intervened and rained out the second race of the night.

“Man, I was really looking forward to that second race,” said a smiling¬†Lemons.¬† “I knew we’d have a good car for that race, but we’ll take our second place finish and go home.¬† We’re inching closer to winning up here again, but this place is tough and I know second here is as good as a win anywhere else.”

Lemons¬†competes in a Marlowe Racing Chassis powered by a Cox Racing Engine and the up-and-coming driver is supported by;¬†Lemons¬†Backhoe, Summit Construction and Colonial LP Gas, but is also still seeking full-time sponsorship for this season.¬†¬†Lemons¬†will be off this weekend, but next weekend on Saturday, May 29th he’ll return to the site of his early season victory at South Boston Speedway for twin features and then he’ll return to Motor Mile on Saturday, June 5th.

“I hate that we’re off from Motor Mile this weekend, because I feel like we are close to getting a win up there,” stated¬†Lemons.¬† “But, going back to South Boston will be good too, we got us a win earlier this season and I really think we can be up front right off the truck.¬† Hopefully we can go up there next weekend and get us another win.”

March 23, 2010 Posted by admin in News

Lemons Takes Advantage and Gets First Win at South Boston

Troy, NC(March 23, 2010) —¬†Tommy¬†Lemons, Jr. entered Saturday’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock Car race at South Boston Speedway looking for another solid run on the heels of two top ten finishes in two days on opening weekend.

Lemons got that and a whole lot more as he pulled his Lemons Backhoe Chevrolet into victory lane following a series of twists and turns that put the young driver in a position to win the second race of the season on the South Boston, VA track.  Lemons ran strong all day long and as the laps began to wind down he found himself running fourth behind a trio of big name Late Model Stock Car competitors, but a late race incident between the front two moved Lemons into a position to race for the win.

Lemons¬†then put his racer to the inside of the leader and raced along side, before being slowed and put back behind the leader as the caution flag waved over the field for a wreck behind them.¬† Now¬†Lemons¬†would have just a green, white, checkered finish to complete the task he had started before the caution waved, but he had a three-time NASCAR National Champion standing in his way.¬†¬†Lemons¬†didn’t let that detour him from the task at hand and as the green flag waved he motored along side the leader once again and as he was working to clear him and head for the checkered flag, the now former lead cut a tire and disappeared from¬†Lemonsside.

Lemons¬†was able to secure the checkered flag and secure his first career win on the historic 3/8 mile track that hadn’t been that good to him over the years.

“This has been a tough track for us for sure,” said¬†Lemons.¬† “We’ve come up here a lot of times and either not finished or not finished good, but last week we felt like we had a good car and things just didn’t go our way.¬† This week to come back and run solid all day and come home with the win is pretty awesome.”

In racing there’s always a substantial amount of luck and skill involved and fortunately for¬†Lemons¬†the final 30-laps of the race were kinder to him than they were the guys running in front of him and he was able to take home a win that had eluded him for some time.

“You know sometimes when you win, you don’t have the best car and we didn’t have the best car today, but I’ve had the best car and ended up losing, so we’ll take these things anyway we can get them,” commentedLemons.¬† “We had a good car and we were just riding waiting for a late caution here, which always seems to come and to try to put some pressure on the guys ahead of us and see what happened.¬† When the two leaders got together I was confident I had something for Philip(Morris) there at the end and I was along side of him there before that caution, so I knew we could win this thing if we had any good luck.”

Lemons¬†now on the heels of the three top ten finishes including a win this week and a sixth last week at South Boston finds himself atop the points standings in a tie with last weeks winner, Justin Johnson, who finished sixth this week behind¬†Lemons.¬† However,¬†Lemons¬†isn’t currently planning on competing full-time at South Boston, but rather returning to his 2009 home track, Motor Mile Speedway, which doesn’t start racing for two weeks.

Lemons competes in a Marlowe Racing Chassis powered by a Cox Racing Engine and the up-and-coming driver is supported by; Lemons Backhoe, Summit Construction and Colonial LP Gas, but is also still seeking full-time sponsorship for this season.  Lemons will be off this weekend as he prepares to compete in the Motor Mile Speedway season opener on April 3rd.

August 21, 2009 Posted by admin in News

Lemons Battles to Finishes of 8th and 4th in Twin Races

Troy, NC(August 21, 2009) —¬†Tommy¬†Lemons, Jr. entered Saturday, August 15th’s twin Late Model Stock Car races with virtually nothing to lose and was ready to go all out for his fourth win of the 2009 season, but in the end it was a pair of top ten finishes that will carry him into a week off.

Lemons had a great qualifying effort, but lost some time on his final lap in turns three and four and would start eighth, quite a few positions off from his second place effort a week ago.  Lemons was determined not to let that derail his afternoon as the green flag waved for the first of two 75-lap races.  Lemons would battle hard for positions inside the top ten, but with only one caution waving over the field, the young driver would be unable to make up much ground and after a late race battle found himself finishing right where he started.

Lemons¬†and his crew worked on his Bailey’s Cigarettes Chevrolet in between the first race and time for race number two and he was confident he could rally from his eighth place starting effort to break into the top five.¬†Lemons¬†moved up quickly and easily with the aid of several cautions that plagued the 75-lap affair and in the end the¬†Lemons¬†would grab a fourth place effort for his 9th top five finish of the season.¬† Both of these top ten efforts would give him a total of 14 top tens in just 24 starts this season.

“Tonight was tough, you know this track always draws the top drivers in the region and tonight a few of them were really on their game,” said¬†Lemons.¬† “We were just a little off, but we’ll work on it and test a little over the next two weeks and be ready to get another win before this season ends.”

Lemons¬†will be taking this weekend off as most of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series sanctioned tracks are off due to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in nearby Bristol, TN, but he’ll be back in action next Saturday night, August 29th at Motor Mile Speedway.¬†¬†Lemons¬†will follow that up with two more weeks of NASCAR Whelen All-American Series points paying races at Caraway Speedway on September 5th and finishing the season at Motor Mile Speedway on September 12th before taking a few weeks off to prepare for the Bailey’s 300 at Martinsville Speedway, the biggest Late Model Stock Car race of the year.

Lemons¬†competes in a Marlowe Racing Chassis powered by a Cox Racing Engine and the up-and-coming driver is supported by; Bailey’s Cigarettes,¬†Lemons¬†Backhoe, Summit Construction, Sedberry Construction, Colonial LP Gas and Troy Sporting Goods.