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Lemons Looking for Second Grandfather Clock at Martinsville

TROY, NC :: Tommy Lemons, Jr. is no stranger to Martinsville Speedway. He’s seen the highs and the lows over the years but this year he’s looking to take home another grandfather clock.

Lemons picked up his first career Martinsville Speedway win in the fall of 2013 in the Valley Star Credit Union 300 and after testing two weeks ago for this years event his confidence is high heading into this weekends race.

“I’m always ready to come to Martinsville,” commented Lemons. “This is a place as a racer of any kind of car you’re excited to come to but after you win a race here, it’s even more special and makes you want it even more.”

The format for the Valley Star Credit Union has changed once again but Lemons feels like it’s still going to be the same kind of race.

“This is Martinsville. There’s 75-80 guys coming here with the dream of winning at this race track and only a couple have done it. So they can throw whatever format they want at us and throw a caution whenever they want, invert the field and it’s still going to be the best guys dueling for the honor of winning here.”

This years race is a 200-lap event featuring a 42-car starting field which is set by European (group) qualifying, three heat races and a last chance race. The race won’t be stopped at halfway like in years past and there won’t be a mandatory competition caution with 10-laps to go. Instead there will be a 50-lap shootout to the finish with the field being stopped at lap 150 and a random invert of the leaders.

Lemons victory in 2013 solidified him as one of the top Late Model Stock Car racers of this era but he wants to put his name on that list twice and really make a name for himself.

“This is the kind of place that makes race car drivers. Richard Petty, David Pearson, Dale Earnhardt and many others have won here. Not many Late Model drivers can say they’ve won here and even fewer can say they’ve won it more than once. That’s a list I want to be on.”

Lemons is supported by Lemons Backhoe, Colonial LP Gas, Hedgecock Racing Enterprises, John West Racing Engines. For more information on Tommy Lemons, Jr. or the Lemons Motorsports team, check out their website at www.tommylemonsjr.com.

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